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Our philosophy, from the beginning, was to inspire a love of Astronomy and Science in the general public.  Our employees never sold on commission.  This allowed them to help the customer choose the right product for their needs.  From the start, we always assembled the telescope, aligned the optics, and did everything we could to make the scope the best it could be.  Then we instructed the customer how to use the scope, ie: align the finder, set up the mount, always use the lower power eyepiece first, etc., and included a star chart.  We wanted them to feel comfortable with the scope when they took it home, and we wanted them to enjoy using it.

During the mid to late 70’s we began having students work for us.  As the years went on, we continued to have many student employees.  We enjoyed working with them and helped to inspire them.  We have kept in touch with most of them and are very proud of the accomplishments of our extended family.  Please keep an eye on this page in the future.  We will have many additions and information about the long history of students who began their working experience with us through S & S Optika.  Many of those who have worked with us have gone on to a great variety of accomplishments. 

In April, 1980, Cathie married Tim Havens on the south steps of Chamberin Observatory.  Dr. Edgar Everhart  gave Cathie away on behalf of her father.  Edgar was the head of the Physics Department for the University of Denver and the Director of Chamberlin Observatory.

Dr. Edgar Everhart

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