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Sky Events for:

    August - 2021

8/01          Uranus will be 1.8 degrees North of the Moon (one day past last quarter).

                     4 am – 5am - Shadow transits on Jupiter.  One shadow leaves the planet as the

                     other enters.

8/02          5 am:  A waning crescent Moon passes near the Pleiades and Hyades clusters.

                     The moon also forms a triangle with Betelgeuse and Capella.  (If you miss this one, 

                     it will occur again at the end of the month).

                     Saturn at opposition.  The planet is fully illuminated at this time.  During

                     opposition, the rings may appear brighter. 

8/06          Dawn:  East-northeast horizon.  A very thin waning crescent Moon hangs about 5

                     degrees to the right of Pollux.

8/08          New Moon

8/09 – 8/11    A very thin crescent moon will be passing Venus in the early evening sky.  This

                               will be a great time to observe the “earthshine” on the Moon.  Binoculars will

                               really enhance this view.

8/11 – 8/12    Morning:  Perseid meteor shower at maximum.  With no Moon, this should be

                               a really favorable shower.  (The Perseid shower is a long shower, and many

                               times meteors from this shower can be seen for a week or better either side

                               of the maximum). 

8/15          First quarter Moon

8/16          Dusk:  The Moon, is a little more than 4 degrees from Antares, in Scorpius.

8/18          Dusk:  8:30 – 9:30pm. MDT.   The Moon will be passing Sigma Sagittarii, Nunki, the

                     2nd magnitude star in the north-east handle of the teapot.  In our area – the star

                     will just be “kissing” the edge of the star as to passes.

8/19          Dusk:  VERY low in the west – Mercury is 0.1 degree south of Mars.


                     Jupiter at opposition.  Shining brilliantly at magnitude -2.9.

8/20          Dusk:  Saturn 4 degrees north of the Moon.

8/21          Dusk: Jupiter 4 degrees north of the Moon.

8/22          Full Moon:   August’s Full Moon is known as:  Sturgeon Moon, Corn Moon, Red

                     Moon, Grain Moon, Barley Moon, and Fruit Moon.


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