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Sky Events for:

    September - 2020 

Please note:  Times are MDT time

MARS!  This years Mars close approach (the best one of the 2020’s) will be on October 6th – so now is the time to get out and look at Mars.  (No dust storms, as of the first of September)

Comet 88P/Howell.  Discovered in August 1981, it has a 5.5 year period.  Comet Howell, will reach magnitude 9 at perihelion on Sept. 26th.  On the evenings of the 26th and 27th, the comet will pass approximately 1 degree north of Antares.  (see drawing below).  Positions shown are 6pm MDT.

Sat. 9/5 – 11pm.   Mars .03 degrees S of Moon  (Southern hemisphere will have an occultation).

Sun. 9/6 – 10pm.  Uranus 3 degrees N of Moon.

Thurs. 9/10 – Last Quarter Moon

Sun. 9/13 – Jupiter reaches its’ second stationary point, and will begin it’s prograde (eastward) motion.

Mon. 9/14 – 1am.  Double shadow transit on Jupiter.

Mon. 9/14 – 4 am. Eastern Sky – small crescent moon near Venus and the Beehive Cluster (M44).

Mon. 9/21 – 7:45pm.  Beta Scorpii will be eclipsed by a waxing moon.  The sky will still be somewhat bright, but the moon will be easy to find.  Beta Scorpii is a double star (magnitudes 2.6 and 4.5).  Hopefully clears skies will offer views of this event early in the evening.

Tues. 9/22 – 3am. Mercury .3 degrees N of Spica.

Tues. 9/22 -    AUTUMN EQUINOX

Fri. 9/25 – 1am.  Jupiter 1.6 degrees N of Moon

Fri. 9/25 – 3pm.  Saturn 2 degrees N of Moon

Tues. 9/29 – Saturn reaches its’ second stationary point, and will begin its’ prograde (eastward) motion. 

‍        The gap between Jupiter and Saturn (now 8 degrees in longitude) will begin to close – until Dec. 21 conjunction. (zero gap).

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