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Sky Events for:

    November - 2020 

Please note:  Times are MST time

Mars is still in good position for observing.  Don’t miss the great details that have been visible this year.  Mars is also higher in the sky earlier in the evening!  Mars Video

11/1    Daylight Savings Time ends

11/2    Evening:     Waning gibbous Moon will be near Aldebaran.

11/4     Evening:  Looking Low in the East-NE -around 9:30. The Moon will be very near the beautiful Open Cluster M35 (in Gemini)

11/8    Moon is Last Quarter

11/12 – 14    Morning:  Looking East -  A waning thin crescent moon will be traveling near Venus, Spica, and Mercury about 30 minutes before sunrise.  The 12th above Venus, the 13th, between Venus and Mercury, and the 14th below Mercury.

11/15       New Moon

11/18  and 19    Evening:    30 minutes after sunset.  The small waxing Moon will again be passing Jupiter and Saturn.  The 18th, south of Jupiter, and the 19th just east of Saturn.

11/22    Morning:  Looking East 30 minutes before sunrise.  Spica, Venus and Mercury.  Notice that Venus has moved closer to Mercury, and is now below Spica.

    First Quarter Moon

11/24 -26    Evening:  A large waxing moon will be passing Mars.  The 25th it is below Mars.

11/29    Evening: Looking ESE around 7:30.   A nearly full moon will be between the Pleiades and the Hyades in Taurus.

11/30    Full Moon – Penumbral lunar eclipse.  This is the fourth penumbral eclipse this year.  (Jan. 10th, June 5th, July 5th, and Nov. 30).  Start time 12:32 am, greatest darkening at 2:43 am, and ending at 4:53am.  Times are for MST.  

(2021 will bring 2 Lunar eclipses.  May 26th will be a total eclipse, and Nov. 19th will be near total, for most of North America). 


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