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Sky Events for:

    January - 2021

1/1     Happy New Year!  SW Horizon 30 minutes after sunset – Jupiter & Saturn ~ 1 degree separation

1/2    Earth perihelion – closest to the sun for 2021 today.

1/3 – 4    Quadrantid Meteor Shower – best early morning of the 4th, but a waning moon will interfere.  Forecast of 40+ per hour in the early morning.

1/6    Last Quarter Moon

1/10 & 11    WSW near the horizon about 30 minutes after sunset.  Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury will form a triangle.  Use binoculars.  NOTE: they will set early.

1/11    AM just before Dawn – a thin crescent Moon and Venus are about 4 degrees apart.

Dusk:  Jupiter and Mercury are ~ 1.5 degrees separation as they set.

1/13    New Moon

1/14     Dusk:  Jupiter, Mercury and a thin crescent Moon are in a row.  Watch as the Moon moves above Jupiter.

1/20    Evening to the SW 1st Quarter Moon is about 6 degrees away from Mars.  With binoculars, Uranus is ~ 1.5 degrees below and left of Mars.

1/21    First Quarter Moon passes Mars.

1/24    Mercury is at its highest position above the Western horizon.

1/28    Full Moon – in the constellation of Cancer.  January full Moon is the “Wolf Moon”.   Native Americans also called the January full Moon the “Spirit Moon”.   January – April is the wolf mating season.

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