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Sky Events for:

    October - 2021

10/4 – 10/18      Before morning twilight:  For this two week period the Zodiacal light will

                                    be  visible.  Look for a tall, dim pyramid of light stretching up through

                                    Cancer and Gemini to Taurus.  DARK SKIES are a must.  See below for more

                                    information on the zodiacal light.

10/4          Io and Shadow Transit on Jupiter.  8:30pm Io and Shadow visible.  9:30 Io leaves

                     Jupiter.  10:30 Io’s shadow leaves jupiter

10/6          New Moon

10/8          Mars in conjunction with the Sun.  Not visible, but important because this starts

                     the new apparition.  Mars will not be visible again naked eye, until late November

                     in the morning sky.  The next Opposition of Mars (it’s closest) will be in Dec. 2022.

10/9          Evening:  Low in the southwest, Venus will be in the “head” of Scorpius, with the

                     four-day-old Moon in conjunction, just 2.5 degrees above and left of Venus.  In a 5

                     degree binocular view you will see:  the Moon, Venus, Delta Scorpii, Beta Scorpii,

                     Nu Scorpii, and the pretty double Omega Scorpii, in one view.  

10/10       Evening:  The Moon will be above and left of Antares, in Scorpius.

10/13       First Quarter Moon

10/14       Evening:  The Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter form a triangle. With Saturn 4 degrees

                     North of the Moon.

10/15       Evening:  Jupiter will be 4 degrees North of the Moon.

10/16       Evening:  Venus will be within 1.5 degrees of Antares.  These two objects don’t

                     usually get this close.  If you miss this one you will have to wait until October

                     2029 before you will see them this close again.


10/19       Io transits Jupiter and a Double Shadow Transit.  12:12am - Io’s shadow and

                     Ganymede’s shadow.  12:20 – Ganymede’s shadow leaves Jupiter.

10/20       Full Moon:  October is the Hunter’s Moon, Blood Moon (not the same as eclipse),

                     Sanguine Moon (the first full moon after the Harvest Moon – blood red because

                     of the dusty atmosphere after harvest) and Dying Grass Moon.

10/21      Orionid meteor shower peaks this morning, although an almost full Moon will

                    greatly hamper viewing.

10/23      Dawn:  A waning gibbous Moon is 4 degrees left of the Pleiades, in the west-


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